This digital archive was created in conjunction with the first oral history class offered by the School of History at University College Cork in Autumn 2013. It introduced a range of methodological, conceptual, and thematic topics and each student proposed an individual research project, conducted interviews, and wrote essays. Presented here are selections from interviews that the narrators gave permission to publish and related materials.    

The purpose of this resource is to give history back to the people and communities whose voices are heard here. Oral history in Ireland is still developing, but has enormous potential to democratize the study of the past, bringing together students, teachers, local historians, academics, and members of the public.

These items reflect the students' individual interests, backgrounds, families, and communities. Please respect them and their subjects. The materials presented here may be used for personal and educational purposes only and should be cited appropriately. If you have any questions or comments, please use the contact form

Lecturer: Sara Goek

Student researchers 2013: Nora Kenny, Deirdre Kerins, Matthew O'Callaghan, Owen O'Connor, and Anthony Roche

Student researchers 2014: Jason Abbott, Killian Barry, Darren Collins, Conor Long, Adam Mangan, and Eve Millett-Trimble

Acknowledgments: Thank you to Luke Kirwan and James O'Sullivan for providing technical assistance; to Prof. Geoff Roberts and the School of History for the opportunity to offer this course; and to the Digital Arts & Humanities PhD programme for the audio recording equipment.