Gardaí in Blarney, Co. Cork: Life and Work

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A comparative study into the lives of two retired Gardai who have lived and served in Blarney and its surrounding area. This collection compares and explores the daily lives, early careers, and past experiences, both good and bad, of two people who worked in the same location in a similar time in the past. Interviews by Owen O'Connor.

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Donal answers when and why he joined An Garda Siochana, referring to the selection process and how he dealt with living away from home for the first time.

Donal discusses the issue of respect and how it doesn't automatically come with the uniform. He also recalls an incident early in his career where a colleague was murdered.
Small mention to the topic of pay and job stability.

Donal speaks about his different roles during his time in the Garda Siochana, up to his retirement in 2007.
He describes his first impressions of Blarney and what influenced his decision to return to the village.

Donal gives his thoughts on the levels of crime in Blarney during his time stationed here, and holds it in comparison to other areas in the country.
He also recalls some of the more morbid moments of his career, referencing a number of crime…

Donal explains the role of the Gardaí in the local community, comparing those living in the areas they serve, and those in larger cities.
He discusses his job as sergeant, recent cutbacks in the force, and his own retirement, and also offers some…

Jim discusses his retirement, his time in UCC, looking back over his career with mention to some incidents in which he was involved with, and gives advice to young people looking to join the force.

Jim gives his first impressions of Blarney, of the new facilities now in place, and talks about the importance of the role of the Gardaí in the community. He also mentions the more recent cutbacks, and the effect they had on groups of people such as…

Jim tells us when he came to Blarney, what the current Garda set-up was like, the process of becoming a detective, and the lack of counselling services available to Gardaí at the time.

Jim discusses the sports he played, the levels of respect shown to him, and how a career with the Gardai was a career for life.

Jim explains when and why he joined An Garda Siochana, where he trained, and where he was first stationed.
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