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Part 1.mp3
Tom discusses his early life and helps to explain his decision to pursue a militaristic life

part 9.mp3
Carmel talks about the difference she and her children experienced in childhood in terms of education etc. She also talks about whether not she regrets moving back

Con (b.1950) discusses what like in Ireland was like during his childhood in Ireland, he then continues to speck about his experience in primary school.

part 8.mp3
Carmel talks about why she moved to Leeds to start her family

part 3.mp3
Carmel talks about the change she faced with moving to a rural area

Carmel talks about her life as a child in Nottingham

Part 1.mp3
Kathleen talks about her early life and her education prior to university. She describes the requirements necessary for entrance into Medicine in the 1940s and the process of applying.

Phil Spellman Interview Part 1.mp3
Phil Spellman talks about her early life and education before entering university. She delves into the requirements for entering the School of Medicine in UCC in the 1940s.

Part 1.mp3
Jim explains when and why he joined An Garda Siochana, where he trained, and where he was first stationed.

Part 10_ Religion and differences times .mp3
Mary speaks of her religion in childhood and teenage years and the influence of her mother on them. She goes on talk of her own religious views now.

Part 9_ Illness in the family.mp3
Mary speaks about illness in Cork City in her childhood as well as her mother's illness. It was hard for her family to cope when they lost their family GP who treated her mother well.

Part 7_ Growing up and changes in social life.mp3
Mary talks about childhood, growing up and play. As she grew up, she speaks on going to dances as a teenager

Donal O'Donovan Interview, Part 1..mp3
Donal answers when and why he joined An Garda Siochana, referring to the selection process and how he dealt with living away from home for the first time.

Part 10_ Regrets, views life then and now.mp3
Graces talks briefly on past regrets and her satisfaction with life. She also describes how she perceives the differences in Cork from when she was a child and how children are now in the city.


Anna talks about her childhood in Liscarroll Co. Cork. She recalls the house she grew up in and her parents. The picture above which was provided by Anna is of her (bottom right), her parents and sister.

Maura tells us about her family and what her childhood was like growing up on the North Circular Rd, near the Pheonix Park in Dublin. We are told about the neighbourhood she grew up in, the importance of religion at the time, and her time in school.…

Part 1_ Family Life & early days.mp3
Grace describes her parents and her earliest childhood memories. She speaks of where her family lived, in Cork and in Southern England.

Early Life.mp3
Joan discusses her early life and family history.
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